The Pragmatic Guru

"Openness is a total teaching towards enlightenment; the practice leaves the ego empty and the heart open."

~ Prem Vishrant

Vishrant has been guiding seekers towards finding higher consciousness and discovering their true nature since his awakening in 1999. He points people towards a direct path to truth with a crystal clear, no-nonsense approach. His pragmatic style cuts through the egoic mind, helping seekers reveal and remove the obstacles to experiencing freedom.

Vishrant embodies a total dedication to truth and heart, living in openness and teaching The Way of the Heart, a noble path, to be in service to all he comes in contact with. View more

The Search & Being in Service

"The least trodden path is the path of the Heart."

~ Prem Vishrant

Vishrant became involved in consciously developing self-awareness through encounter groups from the age of 19, which changed the course of his life. He started to see and remove what he later referred to as default failure patterns. He was determined to remove these patterns, which caused so much suffering. He was grateful for the courage and clarity of his teachers to point out to him these patterns, starting with anger, worry and procrastination. His active involvement with encounter groups continued as a seeker until the many obstacles in the way of enlightenment had been allayed. View more

Entrepreneurial Businessman

“Remember, wealth does not make you happy or free.”

~ Prem Vishrant

Vishrant recognised his aptitude from an early age for having an entrepreneurial flair while at boarding school. These talents developed upon leaving school as he demonstrated natural leadership qualities, had an attitude of caretaker and showed strong business acumen.

In the 1970s, Vishrant made his way into the world of business as a publisher. He applied absolute totality and focus to the running of his business and cared for his staff like they were family. Consequently, he became very successful and as a result acquired wealth, property, luxury vehicles – a Rolls Royce and Porsche, along with a fly-bridge cruiser to keep him entertained. View more

Humble Beginnings

“You have to be your own best friend. Self-acceptance is the foundation of higher consciousness.”

~ Prem Vishrant

Born in 1954 as Vincent William Cooper, Vishrant was raised as a Catholic and grew up in a middle-class family in Perth, frequently spending time at his grandparents’ home in Bunbury.

He had his first satori at the age of 11 in a school play, when he suddenly experienced himself without an ego. Of course, the young Vishrant had no context for such experience until much later in his life.

He attended Aquinas College as a boarding student from the age of 12 and was an altar boy. At school, he learnt to self-accept and learnt to become his own best friend. Vishrant teaches today that self-acceptance is the foundation of developing a healthy self regard and higher consciousness. View more