About The Vishrant Buddhist Society

The Vishrant Buddhist Society is a non-profit organisation situated in Perth, Western Australia, dedicated to serving as a centre for spiritual seekers to investigate their true nature and promote the development of higher consciousness.

We support spiritual seekers in achieving happiness and enlightenment through providing formal Satsang, meditation retreats and offering educational services.

Inspired by the teachings of Vishrant and under his guidance, the Society operates the Mystic Heart Mystery School. This provides a safe environment for seekers to undergo deeper investigation into the obstacles that are in the way of spiritual development and allows the development of spiritual leadership capabilities... Read more.

The Vishrant Buddhist Society Precepts

The Precepts are lifestyle guidelines to help seekers live a more generous and noble life, bringing joy into their lives and the lives of those around them, and ultimately preparing a person for awakening to their true nature.

These precepts contain three opportunities:

  1. A vow to take refuge in The Three Treasures to allow simplicity and access the ability to remove suffering and ignorance.
  2. A vow to be generous and to live with honourable intentions, leading to a noble life.
  3. A commitment to actualise these two vows through The Ten Living Precepts... Read more.

Lifestyle, Community & Sangha

A community or Sangha of seekers support each other towards a lifestyle of finding heart and awakening.

In this pursuit, having the encouragement of a Sangha becomes a safe refuge for a seeker because of the difficult task of meeting and removing self-concepts, changing any negative habitual patterns operating and exploring beyond limiting beliefs.

The path of a spiritual seeker is not easy. Balancing the responsibilities of life with the spiritual quest requires a lifestyle which supports openness, compassion and wisdom... Read more.