In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about using depression to our advantage. With 45% of people experiencing mental health conditions at some point in their lives, is there something we are missing that can aid in our healing?

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Video transcript –


Have you experienced depression in your lifetime? What is Depression and how do we get out of it?


Yeah, I had a bout of depression when I got ill with hepatitis and I had to stay in bed for six months because I was very sick and everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong and I got depressed. And I went and saw a doctor and they gave me some antidepressants and I took them for a few days and decided that I didn’t like the side effects.

And during that period I ran into a guy that was doing a paper on depression at Murdoch University and I talked to him about depression and he started to explain it to me as something that takes you out of your automatic way of operating in the world and puts you into a more manual mode. Where you can get to look at things more honestly, inside yourself because you tend to approach things with doubt rather than having rose coloured glasses on, particularly about yourself.

And I used that period of time to have a very good look at my own psyche how it was operating what defences were going on inside it what belief systems were creating attraction in it and I started to strip it down more and more.

Vishrant Continued:

So I found that depression was very helpful in allowing me to slow down and actually have a look at what I was really up to and it lifted because it was depression caused by what was happening in my life, it was causal. It wasn’t some kind of deficiency in serotonin or whatever and once I started to accept that the things I was losing, was okay the depression lifted.

The depression was brought about by my resistance to what is. I didn’t like that I was losing everything and I went into resistance to it and ended up depressed. But in accepting everything as it was it all lifted.

Acceptance is wonderful.

It allows the mind to really just rest. I hope that helps.