What does it mean to actually do nothing?

In this satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about what is required to rest and how lovely it is to just be here.

The ability to sit and do nothing is a mastery of the mind. Because we’ve all been programmed to be doers. We’ve all been programmed to be efficient little machines.

Can you sit and do absolutely nothing? And I mean not even think because that’s doing something.

Just be here, it is so lovely.

Practice and you’ll get good at it.

We practiced being efficient little machines for long enough to get good at that. Great big problem solvers never ending problem solvers. We’re good at that. What about being really good at doing nothing and then resting afterwards? Yeah.

Some people do it by taking a cone, they smoke marijuana and they take a puff and they do nothing but unfortunately, it takes them into dream, so they’re still doing something.

Being able to do that without drugs and just not go into dream and just be, is so beautiful.

Just to be.