Could the way we think and react to the world be causing us more suffering?

Negative things happen to everyone but is there a better way to respond?

In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about how he learnt to ease his suffering and the choices we can all make for a happier life.


What was your stance to undoing victim orientation?


I was lucky enough to be introduced to what I’m talking about tonight when I was 19 and I got given a book by Ken Keyes called ‘The Handbook to Higher Consciousness. And Ken outlined how victim orientation is a choice. And I read that book something like 20 times because I thought it was gold.

And needless to say I was victim orientated at the time that I read the book but I could see Ken’s point and I could see that it actually is a choice. So, I started to choose not to be a victim, full stop. And after a few years of practice at that victim orientation left me which was just a blessing.

There is no joy in being a victim of life or a victim of other people. There’s just no joy.


So in the moment choosing something other than that beleif or?


Well, I was witnessing the mind and when the mind started to turn itself into a victim through blame I just wouldn’t support it. It was like “No” “Not going to support that nightmare”. It’s a choice. But needless to say, you need a certain level of consciousness to make that choice. If you’re choosing to be a victim from my perspective you’re choosing to suffer.

You see, bad stuff can happen but we don’t have to turn ourselves into a victim of it we can just see it as this is just what is or we can move to blame and turn ourselves into a victim of it.

It’s actually a voluntary act.

Bad stuff can happen. So what. It’s just what is. Or I can be a massive victim of it and hurt myself incredibly and change nothing. There’s the choice. To be a victim you’ve got to be supporting a dream. I’m not interested in supporting dreams like that. Why would I want to do that? I’m not into hurting Vishrant.


Also that victim state seems really powerless whereas the adult state is more empowered it feels, there’s a huge difference in the two.


Oh victim by definition is helpless. I don’t buy that for a second. You’ve got to volunteer to be a victim. Bad things may happen but you’ve got to volunteer to be a victim of them.

It’s just what is. Your choice.