In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about how to deal with betrayal and rejection, an invaluable practice that can heal the wounds of your heart.

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Video transcript –

Q: Is that how you became better at accepting betrayal, is reverse engineer it?


It was, I was fortunate enough to be attracted to women just like my mum. And she was really good at rejection. So I got a lot of practice, I got a heap of practice, at betrayal and rejection and instead of going victim orientated on it, I allowed myself to feel it. And in the feeling of it, I allowed myself well, what happened was the wounding around that started to heal.

But it also, I started to see clearly that that particular wounding was attached to belief systems when the expectations of those belief systems weren’t met a contraction would occur. And in the contraction, there was suffering. And I wasn’t interested in suffering.

And so, I started undoing everything until there was nothing left. So if someone betrayed me or rejected me, it would be okay. It’s up to you. That way, but that was.

Q: Do you still sense when, sorry. So you could sense when someone’s trying to betray you or betraying you but, it just doesn’t affect you.


No, it doesn’t affect the same as if someone lies, or cheats or damages something, it’s just nothing moves because it’s all been undone. I just wasn’t interested. In the practice of openness, you undo everything. But that’s unusual because human beings usually close when things don’t go their way. They usually react with resistance. But of course, that keeps people in lower consciousness.

It is only the practice of openness that allows us really to go to higher consciousness. You can’t learn your way to higher consciousness. You can’t study books and get there. That doesn’t work. You can be as knowledgeable as a library and still have lower consciousness. It is the practice of openness that truly takes us to the heights.

So how open can you be when you’re under fire?

So I used to see people who would do the wrong thing by me as a gift. Because they were showing me where I was stuck or where I wasn’t stuck. They were showing me where I was still caught inside myself where I hadn’t shown up with love and also hadn’t shown up with a true understanding of what was really happening inside.