In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about the unconscious programming that all humans run and how to master being in the present moment.

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Video transcript –


Are we just living in different thought based realities a lot of the time?


I’m not I don’t, I don’t live in my head at all. I have no interest in my mind’s discussion. It just has been silent now for about 20 years.

When you’re a little kid up to about four, that’s how you live too, just very present and not lost in the mind. We went to school all of us, and we learn how to live in our heads. And unfortunately for most adults, they never leave that space.

But because we’re intelligent, we can actually learn to let our minds go and go back to that space of wonderment of the moment without thought. And then all the characterizations are gone. This just here, and there’s just now and this is damn nice.

But unfortunately, it takes a fair bit of effort to get out of the programming of constantly thinking constantly problem solving, constantly discussing stuff inside your mind, remembering, projecting, it takes a fair bit of practice, and that’s why if you go to any monastery or ashram. The first thing they’re going to teach you is meditation, in an effort to get you out of your head, and whatever we practice, we get good at.

So thinking it’s a good idea doesn’t work, but practising does work.

And so, I’m an advocator of practice.