Do you ever find yourself getting annoyed at a partner, a friend, a colleague or even a stranger?
Perhaps you feel like pulling away?

In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about the benefit of people you don’t see eye to eye with and how they can help you in your search for freedom.


If it’s not working and it’s continuously agitating the mind it would be okay to give up on a person?


Oh, give up on a person? No. People who irritate you are your best teachers. They can teach you more about acceptance than anything else.

You see, you’ve got to remember that the key to enlightenment is actually unconditional surrender. Well, the only way we can learn that is if things are going wrong. We can’t learn surrender if everything’s going right.

And so, the people who annoy us, the people who can get under our skin are always our best teachers because we can learn to accept them as they are. So, if you’ve got someone in your life that’s really disturbing you, you have someone who’s your best teacher. Depends on what you want.

If you’re interested in higher consciousness, you need to learn acceptance, you need to learn surrender. Forget about everything else. That’s what takes you to superconsciousness; your ability to surrender unconditionally.

What do you want? What are you willing to pay for it?

Enlightenment, higher consciousness and The Way of the Heart are all against survival because surrender is against survival. This is why not that many people raise their consciousness levels, not that many people wake up, not that many people perceive a great deal of love because it’s against survival. It’s against natural imperative, our primal imperative to survive.

You look at meditation, watching the breath, which is a Buddhist meditation. You watch the breath and the mind comes in, you surrender the mind and come back to the breath.

The practice of that meditation is teaching you surrender also because you’re abandoning the mind and coming back to what is real, the breath.

If you can’t get a handle on surrender, let go or acceptance, whatever you want to call it, you can’t play the game. The game of higher consciousness happens because you’ve learnt surrender, because you’ve learned to accept life, because you’ve learned to let go.

You can’t resist your way to higher consciousness. That’s not possible, but you can definitely resist your way to lower consciousness.

Your choice.