In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about the two practices that lead to enlightenment and the only obstacle in the way of finding truth.

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Video transcript –


I teach what I know works. And what works, is the two together.

The Jani pathway by itself which could be simply meditation and self-inquiry just doesn’t work in the marketplace. It works in caves and monasteries and ashrams. But in the marketplace, it’s too severe. It stops us from operating properly.

The Bhakti path which is a path of ‘The Way of the Heart’ which usually shows up as service, can be used in the marketplace and can be successful at leading someone towards awakening. Because it opens the mind up and diminishes the ‘I’.

It diminishes the problem.

If you combine that with self-inquiry and meditation you’ve got a formula for enlightenment. But most people don’t want to practice acceptance or surrender. So it’s difficult. People want to do it their way. Well, that doesn’t work. What works is surrender which is definitely not your way.

You meet someone who’s awake and you’ve met someone who’s surrendered unconditionally otherwise they wouldn’t be awake. And that unconditional surrender is continuous. It’s a non-doing, in fact, it’s a non doing the mind just stays down. And that is brought about through the practice of acceptance.

You get to be diminished as an ‘I’.

You become humble.

And you perceive a lot of love.

Because in that humbleness in that openness love is easy to perceive. And it’s love and only love that supports enlightenment. Because it is the mind’s love affair with the beloved truth that allows the mind to actually surrender unconditionally eventually, which is a death of the ‘I’ and it’s in that love affair that the ‘I’ drops.

And if someone stays awake, the mind stays in service of truth.

To the beloved.