Are you in the world and interested in truth or higher consciousness? Could you be a Zorba The Buddha?

In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about what it means to be a Zorba The Buddha and how this methodology can be used in your spiritual life.

Your spiritual master Osho spoke about the idea of the new man being Zorba the Buddha. Can you please explain what it means to be a Zorba the Buddha?

Osho had this idea of bringing spirituality into the marketplace rather than keeping it in monasteries and ashrams. And so, he chose Zorba because Zorba loves the material world loves the food, loves the dance loves sex, loves everything that is material. He’s a hedonist, in a way. And the Buddha is awareness aware of itself. And so, when you combine the two, the Buddha and the Zorba together. You have beingness dancing in the marketplace, beingness enjoying the marketplace, exploring the marketplace.

And the whole idea was to bring spirituality out of the ashrams, out of the monasteries, and into the public arena. So he taught celebrating life rather than renouncing life. And I agree, I think we should celebrate life. The only thing that needs to be renounced is what you think, the matrix, the dream. Because we don’t need it. People think they need the dream but we don’t. Up until the age of five we lived in reality pretty much, we weren’t living in projections or memories or analysing. We had to go to school to learn to do that.

And so as far as renunciation is concerned, the only thing to renounce is become present to reality abandon the dream, get real. And then there’s a better chance of awareness turning on itself. Beingness discovering itself in the marketplace, but not of it.

In the world, but not of it.

Emptiness, literally dancing.

So I love the idea of Zorba the Buddha in a lot of ways, it’s, it was just an idea. It’s a possibility. But people have to go for it. They have to bring their spirituality, they have to bring their awakening to the marketplace. And if enough people could do that it would change the whole world. And I think that was Osho’s dream to try to change the world by bringing the Buddha into the marketplace. Combining Zorba and the Buddha to play in the marketplace.

And I have exactly the same intention. I don’t teach people to deny life. I don’t say you shouldn’t be in a marriage or you shouldn’t have children or you shouldn’t have a job. As a matter of fact I think you should.

But what about the spiritual side?

What about awareness being aware of itself as well?

What about beingness knowing itself?

Truth knowing itself?

Both sides, both bits. And you have this chance you have this life. It’s up to you. Nobody can do it for you that’s not possible. Only you can make that happen. Make that so, through your discipline, through your efforts.

The new man, the new woman.

Both Zorba and the Buddha.