In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about how to get closer to reality, the constant, unmoving nature of what we truly are.

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Video transcript –


In this moment can you be open and drop everything? Can you be a nothing in this moment? Not going anywhere haven’t been anywhere just here. Because when you can really be in this moment just as a nothing, you’re getting very close to reality. And if you can slow down enough to stay in this moment you can start to find that, that’s aware of the mind.

That, that is always here in silence in stillness but it’s not going anywhere, and it hasn’t been anywhere. It just is and it is always here. And as you move closer to the moment you’ll find that you’re vulnerable the mind is vulnerable. What you are doesn’t need protection but the mind does. So, it feels vulnerability when it hasn’t got a future and a past to project to.

It becomes insecure because it doesn’t really know itself clearly, as an “I”. Because without a past and a future the “I”doesn’t really exist. In this moment you as beingness your true nature needs absolutely nothing Is complete perfection itself.

And the strangest thing is everybody, every human being is already at their final destination. Because you already are beingness. It’s just that awareness stays on the moving mind. The one that has a future and a past a story of itself.

Because when you truly see who you are there’s nobody there. Because we’re not somebodies. That’s not actually possible. That’s a dream that people have. Without a thought you already are and you already are complete. There’s nothing to gain.

So tune in, tune into the energy field in this room because it’s real. It’s not a dream. And allow yourself to disappear as an I. Just be here as a nobody, as a nothing, that doesn’t have a future or a past. That’s not going anywhere. This is reality. The false one, the false self is a dream. It has a future and a past.

So tune in.