“Tune in to the energy field of Satsang and find yourself as truth.”

Vishrant talks about The Gift of Satsang in this Satsang from The True Rebellion Series held on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

Register at https://www.vishrant.org/live-online-satsang/ to attend or tune in to watch it on Facebook Live next Wednesday from 8:30 am – 9.30 am AWST @ https://www.facebook.com/buddhaawareness/live/ or Live on YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/c/TheVishrantBuddhistSociety/live/.


Tune into beingness in the presence of awakened teacher Prem Vishrant during Satsang and discover your true nature, the pure awareness that is untouched and unchanged!

Satsang with Vishrant: The True Rebellion Series is an opportunity to interact and join in a live dialogue with Vishrant, an enlightened spiritual teacher who has been guiding seekers from all over the world towards finding higher consciousness and discovering their true nature since 1999.

Vishrant paves a direct path to truth with a crystal clear, no-nonsense approach. His keen sense of humour relaxes the mind, his pragmatic teaching style cuts through the ego, helping people reveal and remove the obstacles to experiencing freedom.

The True Rebellion Series is run by donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek truth and enlightenment.

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