What Price am I Willing to Pay?

Awakening to being can be considered as the goal for the seeker however as we are living on a planet with billions of other people, awakening to heart can be considered a higher awakening that will enrich the lives of many. The path of the heart is one of giving and selflessness and is sometimes referred to as “The Beauty Way”.

Seeker: Who am I?

Vishrant: Who you really are is not separate, it is always here. It is simply covered. As you are sitting here notice that thoughts come and go, yet something remains. What is this that is always here? This that never changes? This that is choicelessly aware.

This awareness is on the mind, on the personal “I” and its wanderings. The mind changes, it can be happy, it can be sad, it can be angry, whatever. Yet something remains aware of it and this does not change. When you start bringing your awareness to itself through self-enquiry, slowly you start experiencing more and more peace, more and more silence. More and more of your true self.

Seeker: Why aren’t more people awake, why are there so few?

Vishrant: A lot of people get interested in this subject of heart, or enlightenment. But not very many people are interested in paying the price to cultivate it. And this is why it is so rare, it is because very few people are actually prepared to pay the price that is required. The mind itself is mainly interested in security. To live as freedom is not its nature. It is a slave to its fears, and it does not know how to live as freedom. We’re addicted to our attachments, and these attachments that we hold valuable, in fact, are our prisons. The mind prefers generally to live as a slave than as freedom.

You come back to Self, through Self-enquiry and keep coming back into this Self. Don’t touch the mind. Don’t believe the mind. The mind cannot in anyway help you be Self, help you wake up. Because it has to be absent for you to be here. This is a party it cannot come to. You cannot have awakening and have mind; the two do not go hand in hand. The personality, the mind, the ego, loves to collect things. It would love to be able to collect enlightenment, and add it to its collection: car, partner, house, children, enlightenment. Doesn’t work. Enlightenment means no mind, and means the mind is resting in Self.

There is only one path truly, the path of devotion. Self-enquiry allows you to become devoted to Self, the path of devotion allows you to become devoted to Self. Both paths are the same. Both paths are about the love of Self. Love in love with itself. This is our nature, this is our beauty. .

So, Self-enquiry will work as it involves cutting the mind. When you enquire, who is experiencing whatever story is going on, it severs the mind. That is what Self-enquiry, effectively achieves. So the mind is cutting its own throat, so to speak, by asking that question. I mean, yes you can use the mind, in forms of concentration commonly called meditation. And yes, you can still the mind with that form of concentration, but you stop the meditation, you stop the concentration, and you’re back to the mind. The only way is to sever the mind, and stay as True Self, the natural state: one of effortless Being.

You start tasting more of this Peace, more of this Silence, more of this expansiveness, and it slowly undermines the mind. It takes its foundations out from under it. Like the ocean in the winter taking the banks out from underneath a cliff. Self-enquiry helps achieve this, as you stay more as Self, consciously. I mean, we unconsciously stay as Self every night in deep-sleep. It’s not like it’s foreign to us, it’s just that we don’t remember it. There’s just no personal “I”, there’s no ego there at all, there’s no recording device.

It’s lovely to come to Satsang, and just sink into the beauty that’s here in the room. How about taking This with you, how about making This your moment-to-moment reality. What price are you willing to pay for This? So, it’s lovely to see you all, I brought my wand if anyone’s got any wishes.(laughter) It’s often said there’s two paths: the path of Advaita or knowledge, and the path of devotion. There is only one path truly, the path of devotion. Self-enquiry allows you to become devoted to Self, the path of devotion allows you to become devoted to Self. Both paths are the same. Both paths are about the love of Self. Love in Love with itself. This is our nature, this is our beauty.This is your possibility, of living in this moment.

It is easy to become “addicted” to the energy of a Buddha field, (the field of energy that surrounds a person who has their awareness firmly on the source of that awareness). The best way to be with an awakened teacher is to follow their instruction and practice, practice, practice, so when that teacher is no longer there, the beauty remains. Your own true nature.

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