An End of Suffering

A common quest for people in life is to discover how to be happy. Ultimately, it is our human potential to experience freedom from suffering and it is possible when we stop resisting life.

Life offers us all sorts of hardships, which can often be painful and even traumatic. Embarking on a journey of inner discovery brings realisations that help us recognise how suffering can be optional in the midst of life’s adversities to lead a happier life.

Healing Emotional Pain

Often we feel that life is happening to us, and it is easy to blame ourselves, others or situations for the pain we feel. We unconsciously want to avoid pain and chase pleasure. When we start to meet our life experiences with conscious awareness, we gain the ability to relate to our experiences in a completely different way. In developing greater emotional intelligence we support our ability to process our emotions and have more conscious choices.

Embracing Who We Truly Are

Learning how to meet and relate to our life experiences brings greater clarity and the ability to process what is happening in any given moment. Our ability to see reality, unobstructed by limiting beliefs and mental projections allows us to be with what is, leading to less emotional and mental anguish. What brings this about is the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

A beautiful life is possible when we discover the power of awareness and the gifts of consciousness.

The Keys To Healing Wounding

The Keys To Healing Wounding

Find out how you can heal emotional pain and end suffering.

We often carry wounding from our past, which affects our present interactions and relationships with ourselves, people and situations. This is often referred to as the pain body, which can be healed and freed.

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Secrets To Leading A Happier Life

Secrets To Leading A Happier Life

What’s in your way of happiness, love and peace?

Happiness is a basic human drive, yet we are not really taught how to be happy. Learn how to remove the obstacles to inner happiness. Learn to turn awareness inwards and investigate the source of your fears and heart wounds. Open to an opportunity for healing and to be free from suffering.

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Discovering What’s Beyond Pain & Suffering

Discovering What’s Beyond Pain & Suffering

Ever wondered if there is any meaning to all the pain and loss that is often part of life?

There is a saying in Zen, "No mud, no lotus," referring to the possibility of coming out of darkness into enlightenment. For the seeker, suffering offers a doorway of surrender. Surrender is the key to go beyond the mind. Find out more for yourself at Meetings in Truth with Vishrant.

Check out the videos below to realise what’s possible...

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