A Seeker's Journey

The seeker seeks enlightenment, but from the reference points and limitations of the ego: how can it possibly know what it's looking for?

This is where the guidance of a spiritual teacher who has realised truth becomes invaluable to the seeker on the path to enlightenment and in raising consciousness levels.

Accessing Spiritual Guidance

A true spiritual guide is an awakened being who has a beautiful presence (called a Buddha Field) and points you towards your true nature. Their role is to not just give spiritual knowledge, but to help you raise your consciousness and remove the obstacles to freedom.

Vishrant is in service to all those who are interested in heart and truth. Students benefit from fostering close relationships within a community of like-minded seekers, called the Sangha, who support each other in a lifestyle that encourages maturity and higher consciousness.

Vishrant guides students during Satsang, discourses and individual spiritual guidance, self enquiry practices and discussions on subjects relating to reality and spirituality. Meetings can include discourses, question & answer time, individual reports or statements being shared, along with small discussion groups.

The teachings provided are pragmatic in nature and do not involve teaching beliefs systems. Vishrant’s background includes being an entrepreneurial businessman, naturopath, psychotherapist and mystic. As an awakened being holding Satsang in Perth, Vishrant offers a presence that the seeker can find their own true nature in. He points the seeker towards truth.

Importance of Self Care

During Satsang (truth meetings) references are made to tenderly caring for yourself through the self enquiry process, however Vishrant is not operating as a psychotherapist and requests that each person seek the care and support of psychotherapeutic interventions as and if they need to. Each person comes with different backgrounds, experiences and personal traumas which they must take responsibility for tending to as needed.

The Pragmatic Guru

The Pragmatic Guru

An awakened being is a doorway to your true nature.

It’s true that the true guru is within, that ultimately only we can do what’s required to raise our consciousness levels. But how can we possibly guide ourselves when we don't know what we don't know? If you are curious about raising your consciousness levels and how enlightened being Vishrant can support you in your journey, contact us.

Check out the videos below to see just how pragmatic they are and start enjoying the benefits...

A Path of Heart and Love

A Path of Heart and Love

Live a more beautiful life, opening to love and awakening to beingness.

The inward journey often involves encountering oneself and stepping into the unknown. The willingness to be open and vulnerable holds the key to realising and embodying Heart and Truth.

Check out the videos below on what it means to travel the path of the heart...

Community, Connections & Consciousness

Community, Connections & Consciousness

Connect with a like-minded community of seekers on your journey.

A spiritual community will support you on your journey to higher consciousness and they can relate to dealing with the obstacles and challenges often on the path. Having spiritual friends helps a seeker maintain the discipline and practices to observe and deal with obstacles that are in the way of enlightenment.

Check out videos below and see the benefits conscious connections can bring into your life...

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