You can always find something to do, a task to be checked off, an errand to be run or something in need of your attention.

People have become so used to living under stress but is it all in our mind?

In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about why it’s so important to learn how to drop the tension and the best tool for learning how to let it all go.

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Video transcript –

Q: You started to practice physically but ultimately you had to train and discipline your mind to some degree.

Vishrant: I did

Q: Can you speak about that?

Vishrant: I used the breath to teach me how to die. On the outward breath, we can let go and we can continue to practice letting go on the outward breath. Because the outward breath is actually real and so the death is on the outward breath. And I used the outward breath probably all the way from the age of 10 up until about 20 years ago just practicing let go dying on the outward breath.

Because when you die on the outward breath your body relaxes all the tension goes out of it. It’s nice. Quite often we hold so much in we get so tense we get sore in our muscles in our necks in our backs because we’re holding everything in. If we can learn to let go let out on the outward breath the body relaxes, it follows. It’s nice.

But once again, you have to do it. It doesn’t work to think about it, you actually have to practice it.

And so I would say I used the outward breath as probably my main tool for learning to let go of everything.