Advaita Vedanta
A school of Hindu philosophy often called a monistic or non-dualistic system which refers to the indivisibility of the Self (Atman) from the Whole (Brahman).
When awareness becomes aware of itself, or when beingness becomes aware of itself.
The quality or state of being aware. Knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.
Beingness is our true nature, it is commonly called Truth. It is sometimes referred to as everything and sometimes nothing.
The Buddha is the awakened awareness. It is what we aspire to be. Awakened and enlightened to our true nature.
Buddha Field
The energy field of enlightenment carried by someone who is awake to their true nature. It can be experienced by those who are sensitive to be expansive, silent and profoundly beautiful to the mind. A Buddha Field is the only way to tell whether or not someone is enlightened.
Buddhism is a way of life that follows the heart towards enlightenment.
The state of being aware; a person's awareness or perception of something.
Conscious awareness
The state of being aware; a person's awareness or perception of something.
Default failure patterns
Default failure patterns are mind programs that create failure in life situations.
Defences are internal devices that protect people from feeling.
Having an awareness or separation from what is happening in the mind and from what is happening in the world.
Teaching on the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth taught by the Buddha. It is the essential philosophy that all may attain peace and joy because fundamentally that is our true nature.
It is the identified mind. It is the part of the mind that is identified as being a somebody.
Egoic self
The egoic self is the individual identity defined by personality and physical form.
Eightfold path
The eight parts of the path to liberation, grouped into three essential elements of Buddhist practice; moral conduct, mental discipline and wisdom.
Emotional intelligence
The capacity to be aware of, control and express one's emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.
Energy is vibrational frequency which can be perceived clearly in openness.
Enlightenment is when awareness becomes aware of itself continuously.
Enlightenment intensives
Groups where one encounters one's own true nature using different methods of self enquiry.
The state of being calm and in control of one's emotions.
Four Noble Truths
The four central understandings containing the essence of Buddhist teaching.
A guru is an awakened being who shares presence and knowledge with those who are interested in Truth.
Healing the wounds of the heart
Wounds of the heart refers to pain that has been held inside and possibly repressed as a result of earlier life experiences and traumas. Healing these wounds involves getting through internal defence systems and having the willingness to feel them.
Heart is love.
Higher consciousness
Heightened awareness of the mind's activities and the surrounding world.
Limiting beliefs
Beliefs that keep a person imprisoned in repetitive patterns of lower consciousness.
Meditation is being aware of what is real. It is a practice where an individual uses a variety of techniques to train attention and awareness and to achieve mental clarity and an equanimous state.
Mental projections
The creation of imagination into ideas and beliefs and then believing these ideas to be the reality that is occurring regarding other people or situations.
Mystery school
The teachings of the mystery schools are maintained by oral tradition and are sometimes called the “Schools of Life.” These teachings are rooted in shamanic and mystic ways of wisdom. Mystery school will not tell you what to believe. Rather, it will provoke you into awakening your deepest truth.
Obstacles are referred to as internal roadblocks that are in the way of raising consciousness.
Open investigation
An open minded look at what is occurring.
Pain body
Wounding held through repression in the body.
An act of becoming fully aware of something that is known.
Sangha is used in many traditions such as yoga and Buddhism to denote the community of people devoted to the spiritual search.
Sannyas is a way to develop creativity, alertness and awareness of the higher stages and possibilities of human life. It is the path of awakening and a commitment to enlightenment.
An individual who has chosen a spiritual master to be with, who will take them into states of higher consciousness and ultimately enlightenment.
Seeing or glimpsing one's true nature. When awareness becomes aware of itself momentarily.
A spiritual discourse or sacred gathering. It is a Sanskrit word derived from the words 'sat' meaning truth and 'sangha' meaning company or association.
Someone who is looking for freedom, higher consciousness and enlightenment.
Self awareness
Self awareness is having a clear perception of your thought processes and emotions.
Self enquiry
Inquiring into the true nature of beingness.
Super consciousness
Refers to enlightenment, which is awareness being aware of itself continuously.
The work
Undoing the obstacles in the way of higher consciousness.
Three Jewels of Consciousness
The Three Jewels of Consciousness, also known as the Triple Gem, are the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. They are a refuge for one who seeks higher consciousness and awakening by providing guidance, inspiration and support.
True nature
True nature refers to our natural state, commonly known as beingness.
Refers to our true nature, commonly known as beingness.
Existing without one realising.