Seeking Freedom

Mystery School with Vishrant provides seekers with a supportive environment to raise consciousness levels and discover who they truly are. This involves practices towards higher consciousness, healing the wounds of the heart and removing all obstacles in the way of opening the mind and awakening the heart.

A seeker appreciates open investigation into their mind’s inner workings, which can often be confronting and even devastating to the egoic mind. A thirst for truth, courage and totality are required to see this inward adventure through. In this receptivity, the seeker can properly prepare themselves for enlightenment.

Mystic Heart Mystery School

Vishrant has been operating the Mystic Heart Mystery School since 2006, in service to all those who are interested in heart and enlightenment. Students benefit from fostering close relationships within a community of like-minded seekers, called the Sangha, who support each other in a lifestyle that encourages higher consciousness.

Spiritual Teacher

Vishrant guides students with Satsang, Dharma discourses and individual spiritual instruction daily. Satsang support is provided as a seeker will often meet challenges on the path to raising their consciousness levels. A seeker will delve deeply into layers of conditioning and patterning of the identified mind that form the concept of the egoic self. In practicing the teachings, and as these challenges are met with conscious awareness, a person becomes freer of suffering and inhibiting habits. As a mystery school student's totality towards enlightenment develops, they often request sannyas, formally marking the start of a spiritual life and a commitment of one's lifestyle toward Heart and Truth.

Mystery School houses the triple refuge of Buddha (an enlightened being), Dharma (teachings) and Sangha (community), the Three Jewels of Consciousness which help the seeker on their journey of awakening to heart and truth.

All queries or questions are welcomed, please contact us on +61 438 831 883 for more information.

  It is in developing spiritual practices and applying yourself to the quest of enlightenment that truth can be found. It is your integrity and commitment that will guide you deeper and deeper, allowing the guide to help reveal your true nature and undo the illusions that keep you locked in dream.  

~ Prem Vishrant

Teacher & Student interactions in Mystery School