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November 4-day Retreat

19th - 22nd November 2022

Experience Stillness and Silence Within

Satsang meditation retreats with Vishrant are enlightenment intensives for seekers seeking enlightenment. These meditation retreats are an invitation to drop into the silence and stillness. In this silence and stillness, one discovers that pure awareness is their true nature and it cannot be touched by anything.

In setting aside a period of time to stop and just be, the obstacles to freedom can be seen and true nature may reveal itself.

Retreat programs are simple yet potent as life attachments and distractions are removed. Retreat activities include multiple Satsang intensive sessions and many meditative practices and opportunities are provided daily.

Explore Your True Nature

Retreats with Vishrant are by invitation only and generally require attendance of Meetings in Truth and/or Mystery School for a period of time to ensure seekers are genuinely interested in the process of awakening and finding heart.

Vishrant will hold up to 5 silent retreats per year in Perth and their duration ranges from 4 to 7 days per retreat.

Contact us on +61 438 831 883 or email: info@vishrant.org to find out more.

  Beingness is everything, it is our true nature; things come and go like dreams come and go. We are that that is before these dreams and we are that after these dreams disappear. Nothing can touch our true nature, it remains pure no matter what.  

~ Prem Vishrant

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