Dropping the Mind

A common mistake many seekers make is trying to learn their way to Truth and Heart by listening to teachers, studying religions and old masters and gaining ‘spiritual knowledge’. What is needed is direct experience and the best way to have this by association with an awakened teacher and through practicing their teachings or Dharma.

Vishrant: Knowledge won’t help you in any way, shape, or form.

Seeker: I know, and I know it’s a quantum leap to the experience.

Vishrant: Mind to no mind, quantum leap, yes.

Seeker: The picture gets clearer as the weeks go by, I can see far more clearly what needs to be dropped.

Vishrant: Yes, the mind has to be dropped, all the ideas, all the beliefs, all the concepts, all the trying, all the doing, everything. The mind cannot help you; any helping that it does is going to be in the way.

Ask yourself, who is this “I”, and just stay with that, stay with that nothing. The answer: nothingness, is from the mind, it’s got to be the experience, not the word, the experience of This. In this moment, what’s here?

If you want to use the mind, you use it to sever the thoughts by self-enquiry, which effectively severs the thoughts. Pretty black and white, isn’t it?

Seeker: Yes it is, so easy isn’t it?

Vishrant: It actually is easy, the mind likes things to be very complex, it likes to have to do things, and make effort, and suffer, then it thinks it deserves to get something. Well it can suffer as much as it likes, it won’t make a difference to This.

Seeker: I feel a little bit more balanced, and I had a thought, realising the emotional, mental, physical layers and what a play it was.

Vishrant: Yeah, it’s all mind. There’s no difference really, we’re what that all appears in.

Seeker: I can see the layers clearly, but I can’t see what’s behind the layers.

Vishrant: Aha, so tell me, what’s behind the layers?

Seeker: Well, I just feel it’s there; I can’t put a word to it.

Vishrant: So, who is looking at it? Who can see it? Who is this “I” that sees it?

Seeker: Well it’s not the mind because I can see through the mind.

Vishrant: Yes it’s the mind. It’s the mind seeing. You enquire as to who is this that sees the Self? This is still mind, you enquire who is this “I” that is seeing behind itself, to see Self, and in effect, sever this mind. There is no answer, you don’t look for an answer, you just ask the question. That’s it, bang! No looking for answers. If the mind starts to try and help you with answers, it will rip you off again. The process is simple, you just ask the question: Who is this “I” that is aware? And keep doing this and see what happens. While you’re still looking from outside, you’re still in the ego. Keep enquiring.

Seeker: Nothing much to say. I was observing this morning how you spoke on the weekend about keeping the body still and you keep the mind still, well I was lying there perfectly still, and the mind is chattering. Then when I get up at the normal, seven o’clock time, the mind is still. So what’s the difference there between lying in bed at three in the morning, with the mind chattering and the body still, and to get up at seven where the body’s moving and the mind is still?

Vishrant: I can show you the difference, if you’re willing to look for the “I” that wants to know the answer to this question.

The answer to your question is: Who wants to know? You see, that question won’t help you know who you are. It’s just accumulating useless knowledge. The question that’s really appropriate is: Who is this “I” that wants to know the answer to this question?

Seeker: Nothingness, well the ego wants to know.

Vishrant: Ask yourself, who is this “I”, and just stay with that, stay with that nothing. The answer: nothingness, is from the mind, it’s got to be the experience, not the word, the experience of This. In this moment, what’s here?

Seeker: Nothing.

Vishrant: Yes, no questions, nothing. This is the answer to all questions. If we’re seeking happiness, and we’re seeking freedom, this is the answer. We stay with this nothing. It is so serene, it is so beautiful, it is beautiful beyond belief.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Seeker: No, thank you.

Self enquiry has been used for thousands of years by seekers and is generally prescribed for people who have done a lot of work on themselves in healing their psyche and practicing meditation techniques. It can give a novice an experience of themselves and create a deeper thirst and willingness to ‘clean the house.’

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