In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about how taking offence can teach us freedom and give us the opportunity to learn how to have a happier life.

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Video transcript –




I find myself taking offence to people’s comments sometimes. And how can I? How can I not do this?


Well, as long as you’re ego-based probably going to do that.

If I ever took offence to anything, and because when we take offence we close, I’d be looking at the belief systems that closed me. Because I’d be more interested in them than I were would be in supporting taking an offence. Taking offence to anyone is resistance to life.

What created that contraction?

What created that resistance?

What belief systems expectations weren’t met?

And then undo the belief systems, because I wasn’t interested in contracting. I wasn’t interested in resisting life. Because that’s actually how we create suffering for ourselves by resisting life.


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