Are you sick of constantly over thinking?

Vishrant talks about why he trained the mind.


Well it’s really simple. You’ve got a toolbox and in that toolbox you’ve got every tool in the world. And for most people that toolbox is constantly working.

For someone who’s actually trained their mind when they need a tool they reach in they get that tool, they use it when they finished with it put it back it stops. And so I use my mind like a toolbox when I need to use it, I use it and then I put it down. And that put down is in less than a second the same as the pickup is less than a second.

And so I can operate in the material world, as you can without constantly thinking which is what we did when we were three or four years old. We’re in the world we’re doing things but we just weren’t constantly thinking. So it’s not something we haven’t experienced. It’s just that as adults we probably haven’t experienced it because we’ve been living in our heads thinking that we need to think all the time to get things done.

I love the silence and stillness.

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