In This Satsang Excerpt,

Vishrant talks about how we miss the beauty of life and whether it’s best to master spiritual practices one at a time or all at once.

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Video transcript –


As a beginner, should I attempt to develop a silent witness practice present moment awareness and practice openness all at the same time or master each one before doing the next practice?


There is no later.

Do everything at once.

This idea that you’re going to have a later this is where human beings live, in the future, they don’t live in the now. They miss the beauty of the now because they’re constantly thinking about what they’re going to do later.

There is only now.

You do everything now.

No other time’s real; only now is real.

But the dream seems so real that you think you have a later that you think you’re going to see your loved ones later, that you think you’re going to have a job later, that you think you’re going to be alive later.

Man, if you really knew, you would celebrate this moment.

This future dream that people live in has no reality about it whatsoever.

It’s an illusion.

It’s now or never.