In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about the defences people develop and whether anyone can be an empath.

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Video transcript –


I think all human beings.

So we gotta look at what the definition of an empath is. An empath is someone who can feel other people’s stuff, basically. I think that all human beings are born as empaths. But we develop defence systems that block us from feeling all sorts of things. Because feeling other people is painful.

So as babies, we develop defence systems to stop us from feeling probably against our mother in the first place. And so, most people close their ability to be empathic down. But if you’re open enough through accident, or trauma or you’ve actually taken your defence systems down you can feel others.

And that’s all very well but unless you know what that feeling means you can’t read others. And so, someone who’s an empath can not only feel others they know what that means what they’re feeling and it’s like a language. It’s a bit like you can hear French but if you’ve never studied French you won’t understand what French means.

Learning to understand energy takes a lot of practice over a lot of years even if you are an empath even if you’re open enough to feel it. But I believe that all human beings are born as empaths. We are all born to feel but for one reason or another we close up.

And we can take those defences down again and in a lot of ways, the practice of openness does that. It takes everything down. It leaves you naked, it leaves you vulnerable and you get to feel everything you get to feel everyone.

And so, most awake people I’ve met have the ability to be empaths.

They can feel others.

I hope that answers you.

In regards to protection. No, no protection whatsoever.

All protection, all defence systems are in the way.