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Vishrant talks about how the most popular religion in the world can help you find home and truth. Watch now to learn the Christian teachings that can raise your consciousness levels towards enlightenment.

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Video transcript –


Have you found any teachings in Christianity that helped you to raise your consciousness?


Yeah. Love thy neighbour as thyself, beautiful.

It’s the way of the heart.

What I had to do is work out how to do it, that’s all. Because Jesus said, love thy neighbour as thyself but he didn’t really explain how. And the only way that I know how to love is to be out of the way, to be wide open absolutely wide open.

And then I perceive love everywhere. I not only love my neighbour but I love people who don’t even like me. And people I don’t even like because openness facilitates love.

Do unto others, as you’d have others do unto you.

How’s that for karma? That’s pretty cool. Yeah, I really like that.

In Christianity they talk about loving God with a totality and in enlightenment, it’s the same. You can call beingness or truth God if you like you can call a nothingness or everythingness God if you like but from the mind’s perspective, it is only a love affair with that.

That allows the mind to lay down in unconditional surrender to that.

And so it is a love affair.

Someone who’s awake has a mind that loves God and has surrendered totally to that.

Whatever you think God is.