In This Satsang Excerpt,

Vishrant talks about how his love for Osho opened his heart and set him free. The love for a teacher ignites the thirst for truth and gives a seeker the potential to find themselves as their true nature.

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Video transcript –


Vishrant, wearing a mala was important for you wearing a mala of your master. And I know I’m wearing one. It doesn’t look so good. I’m wearing one mala with my master that is you; your photo is there in it. So, is it going to work the same way like looking at it, and I can tune into it for you?


What I found by being with Osho I found my heart because I loved him so much and when we can love something, it doesn’t matter what it is, we open up, and we open up, and we open up. And in that openness, more love appears and because love appears, we learn to get out of the way more and more and more to support it.

And so, I chose the way of the heart before he died because I knew that was the way that I had to go and the way of the heart is very, very beautiful. It’s the way of love. How it affects the mind is that you take care of everything and everyone that you meet to the best of your ability.

This is a very beautiful way to live. It’s commonly called or not often called; that’s a better way of putting it; The Noble Path. Because it’s rare, it’s rare to meet someone who’s actually willing to serve heart. But he was a heart teacher.

And I have his picture still, to this day, everywhere. His mala hangs in my room. And next to my seat in the other room that I do private Satsangs is his picture. Because I love him, it doesn’t matter what you love as long as you love as long as you are out of the way enough to facilitate love because it is the true jewel of consciousness.

You want to tune into a picture of me, and it brings love for you. It’s effective. It works. Good for you. Whenever I look at a picture of Osho, there is so much love. It has never changed.

And in the west, it’s a little bit weird because you’re not supposed to love men; you’re not supposed to love gurus. But I really loved him, and that love took me somewhere. It was like a journey of opening and opening and opening until there was just nothing left, so If you can find that with that picture, go for it.

Is there anything else?


Thank you.


Thank you for Satsang good to see your Bravehearts here tonight.