In This Satsang Excerpt,

Vishrant talks about how love is everywhere and what is in the way of higher consciousness. Tune in if you’re looking for love but often wonder why you can’t find it.

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Video transcript –


Love is everywhere.

It’s always here.

The only reason that you can’t perceive it is because somewhere you’re closed. Somewhere the mind has filtered it through closure.

It is always here.

And so, the seeker looks for all those closures, all those defence systems that are in the way and removes them. And what’s being removed are the obstacles that are in the way of higher consciousness. The obstacles that are in the way of the perception of love and the obstacles that are in the way for enlightenment.

It’s up to you.

People come along and they think they can collect knowledge and wake up.

This is rubbish.

No amount of knowledge ever woke anyone up.

Only practice creates a mind that will support enlightenment.