Vishrant speaks in Satsang about his reasons for getting the Coronavirus vaccine. Definitely food for thought for seekers interested in finding Heart and unconditional love.

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Video transcript –


Welcome to Satsang.

So, once again we have COVID restrictions as a result of a potential threat and it’s brought to my attention the fact that some people think that getting a vaccine is a bad idea. I’ve had a good look at why wouldn’t you want to get a vaccine or why would you, and I looked at my reasoning for getting a vaccine. It was pretty simple. I didn’t want to get COVID and pass it on to anyone else.

I didn’t want to get the COVID virus and pass it on to someone else in my Sangha or my family who might die from it or get injured by it and I realised that in studying the people, the anti vaxxers, their reasoning is all selfish. It’s all about them. It’s not anything to do with anyone else, it’s all about them. How is it going to affect them? And this selfish attitude is going to kill a lot of people because the only way that this COVID thing can be dealt with properly is through vaccination. Otherwise, it’s going to wipe out one to two percent of the population that it affects.

So, there may be risks in taking, having vaccinations. So what? It’s not for you. You see, if you get the virus, you don’t know you’ve got it for a week or two, but during that week or two, you’re passing it on to everyone you come in contact with. And if they die, and you being one of these people who decided not to get a vaccine because of your reasons that are selfish, well in a way, you’re responsible. And so, I had these vaccinations a couple of months ago and I’ll be getting my final one next month.

But I really had to look at why because I don’t mind, you know, leaving right now. It was over for me 22 years ago, but the last thing I want to do is get it and infect someone else who then dies or suffers incredibly from it. And in our community, we have people with weak immune systems. We have older people. If they get it, they could die.

And so, I look at it as an unselfish act to get a vaccine, though it could also be selfish, you protecting yourself from the virus, but to not get the vaccine, to not do it, have a look at what that is.