In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about what causes failure in higher consciousness and what you can practice to avoid these pitfalls.

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Video transcript –


Where do you see people getting stuck on the spiritual journey?


I think I’ve answered this one a lot.

Collecting knowledge.

Because we went to school and we collected knowledge that we could then repeat in an examination and get a mark and then get a career based on some diploma or degree, we tend to collect knowledge.

In spirituality or in higher consciousness total waste of time.

No amount of knowledge ever raised anyone’s consciousness levels.

No amount of knowledge ever healed a wound to the heart and no amount of knowledge ever enlightened anyone. What works?

Is acceptance of life as it is.


If you’re wide open you’ve developed a mind that will support enlightenment, if you’re wide open you’ve healed the wounds of your heart, if you’re wide open your consciousness levels are through the roof.

Openness counts for everything.

But that’s not collecting knowledge

That’s a practice.