There is nothing more important than to discover who you really are.


Vishrant is an Australian reality teacher who studied under Osho Rajneesh. Since awakening in 1999, he has served as a vehicle for higher consciousness and enlightenment who shows seekers a pragmatic way towards creating a mind that will support Truth and Love.

Vishrant currently holds meetings and retreats in Perth which are also available online. His teachings are free of belief systems and religious ideologies. The invitation is for you to discover your heart and investigate the truth for yourself.

Who is Vishrant?

Vishrant’s life reads like a movie script, a tale of a series of unlikely yet profound transformations.

Born as Vincent Cooper in 1954, he was raised under challenging circumstances. Effectively leaving home at age 12 after being sent to a Roman Catholic boarding school, he was in constant trouble and eventually became the leader of a street gang.

His unexpected journey into personal growth at age 19 culminated in owning a multi-million dollar publishing company.

In 1983, his life took a complete turn after taking sannyas with Osho, becoming Swami Prem Vishrant. His quest for higher consciousness and enlightenment began in earnest.

A major turning point came in 1987 with a near-death experience, prompting him to give away his fortune and walk around Australia in search of his heart. He then trained as a naturopath and psychotherapist driven by a desire to serve others.

By 1999, after multiple satoris, he had a final awakening and has lived as beingness, that pure awareness which is our true nature, ever since.


After awakening, people started gathering around Vishrant, experiencing profound peace, silence and stillness in his presence.

Vishrant’s teachings are pragmatic.

He shows people the obstacles to higher consciousness and enlightenment so they can be free.

Vishrant teaches openness and living the way of the heart, a life of service to others, as a beautiful way to live that can lead to spiritual awakening.

His Satsangs are an open invitation to find your true nature and be guided by someone who is home.

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There isn’t another teacher on the planet who points more clearly and directly toward what is required to raise your consciousness in preparation for enlightenment. If you are ready to hear things that nearly every other awakened teacher omits, if you are serious about discovering what keeps you limited from going beyond the mind and body, then you’ve found it!


Vishrant is a challenging, transformational spiritual teacher. Being his student allowed me to grow by facing the parts of my personality that were not serving me. Satsang gave me the daily experience of satori and the clarity to see what was holding me away from love, openness and happiness. I will be grateful for his love, care and strength for the rest of my life.


Vishrant’s Satsangs have changed my life for the better. I am incredibly grateful for his teachings that have shown me a beautiful and more conscious way of living. He is an inspirational role model, a beacon of light that I hope more seekers will have the opportunity to encounter.


Vishrant’s teachings are practical and insightful. I appreciate his pragmatic worldly wisdom. Being a student and attending Vishrant’s Satsangs have opened my mind to living a better life.


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The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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