For those looking to raise their consciousness and find their way home. Here, you will find books written by Vishrant, enlightened teacher and guide to seekers for more than 22 years.

Vishrant was an Osho Sannyasin who has been holding Satsang in Perth since his final awakening in 1999. The practices and methods described in his teachings are pragmatic and invaluable for seekers who are living in the marketplace and interested in higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Spiritual Mechanics:
The Nuts and Bolts of Reality

What does it take to be free?
To be truly happy and content?
To know the truth of who or what we are beyond the dream of the ego?

These are questions that seekers ask, but few ever find the answers to.

Spiritual Mechanics is a glimpse into the private dialogues between a spiritual master and his closest disciples. Prem Vishrant is a nuts-and-bolts teacher of higher consciousness and enlightenment who shows seekers a pragmatic way towards creating a mind that will support Truth and Love.

This collection of transcripts gives you a lively, relatable picture of the challenges that seekers may face in the world in the marketplace and within themselves, and the profound beauty that can be found in the presence of an awakened one who lives as the essence of what we are, our own true nature, freedom itself.

Chapter titles include:

  • From Suffering to Enlightenment
  • True Maturity
  • The Spiritual Ego
  • Unconditional Surrender
  • Self Acceptance
  • What Happens in Enlightenment?
  • We Are One

Vishrant’s teachings are free of belief systems and religious ideologies. The invitation is for you to investigate the truth for yourself.


After 40 years of path-work, nowhere have I found such a gritty, down-to-earth explanation of the journey through the gateless gate. Completely clear and totally unexpected, these talks with seekers are an authentic light on the path.

Lee Harold

It was like I laid my hands on a gem! The way Vishrant talks about love and that it's available here and now for everyone if one stays open enough is beautiful! It encourages me to keep practicing openness, come what may! This is a book I've been reading again and again and again!

Vishal Badrinath Aswin

Having studied many of the great spiritual masters east and west for 20 years, from Ramana Maharshi to Eckhart Tolle and many others in between, I've never encountered an awake teacher like Vishrant. His clear, practical teachings have had the most profound and practical impact on my spiritual journey. A disciple of Osho, Vishrant teaches from his own experience with unusual clarity and directness. In lieu of abstract spiritual concepts, Vishrant directs his students on the mechanics of overcoming obstacles within to raise their consciousness levels. His no nonsense, practical insights and "how to" guidance helps students clearly see what they need to let go of to become free. Vishrant lives the way of the heart, and his teachings are delivered from the heart. His approach is not for the timid. If you are willing, then buckle up and take this amazing ride with Vishrant. Your life will never be the same. Welcome to reality.

Walter Price

Vishrant's collection of Satsang transcripts in his book Spiritual Mechanics is a gold mine for any seeker, or anyone working towards higher consciousness.His clear and simple teachings are very pragmatic and effective. Based on real-life examples, they pierce through to the heart of the matter and provide you with straightforward answers and solutions, unlike the more abstract and philosophical teachings that can often be hard to understand.Vishrant's book is a no-frills path to higher consciousness and superconsciousness/enlightenment, aimed not at monks in monasteries who have nothing to do but meditate, but instead tailored specifically for the average Joe in today's world. His ways of integrating spiritual practices with everyday life, be it work or family, are nothing short of revolutionary.For millennia it has been believed that to attain enlightenment, one needs to shy away from the world, live in a cave or monastery and abstain from life. Vishrant uses his own life experience to teach people how to reach superconsciousness whilst still having a job, a family, and being part of the world.Overall, great teacher, great teachings, great book!Highly recommend to everyone!!

Mahann Shtangey

Before coming across Vishrant's work, enlightenment and spirituality were very ambiguous concepts to me. Vishrant's teachings on spirituality are supremely clear and concise, and offer a very practical way to raise consciousness and experience freedom from suffering. If you have an interest in 'who you are' or freedom, this book is an absolute must read, and will give you the information required to discover who you truly are. This book should be every spiritual seekers roadmap to higher consciousness, love and enlightenment.

Kristel LCJ

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The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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