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What is Mystery School?

Mystery School is for disciples who have taken sannyas with Vishrant, and who are willing to be taken apart.

The process towards higher consciousness is an undoing process because we are not programmed to be happy. We were never programmed to find love. Mystery School is about undoing things that are in the way of the heart and doing things that support higher consciousness.

It’s an ongoing and dynamic process for those who really want to do the work under the guidance of a self realised teacher.

Sometimes, similar to Osho’s Mystery School, it is called a washing machine because it washes you clean of anything that’s in the way of love and true self.

Vishrant holds 7 Satsang meetings weekly as part of his Mystery School, which includes 3 public Satsangs as well as 4 private Satsangs. It allows him to work more deeply with his full-time students.

If you are interested in Mystery School, you must first have attended Vishrant’s public Satsangs and engaged with him, as Mystery School attendance is by invitation only.

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    The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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