Who is Vishrant?

Who is Vishrant

Vishrant is a reality teacher from Perth, Australia. He is a contemporary mystic who offers a pragmatic path to higher consciousness.

Vishrant’s approach deals with the mind and the heart at the same time.

He teaches the way of the heart, to serve others, which eventually diminishes the ego and helps you experience love. He also teaches witnessing the mind so you can remove the obstacles that cause suffering and become more conscious.

Vishrant has been holding Satsang since 1999. He currently holds meetings and retreats in Perth which are also available online for those seeking who or what they truly are.

Early Life

Vishrant was born Vincent William Cooper in 1954 and grew up in challenging circumstances. He came from a dysfunctional family and suffered abuse during his childhood and schooling.

Despite the hardship, Vishrant maintained a rebellious spirit and an awareness of energy from a young age. He became angry and turned to street fighting and petty crime as a teenager.

However, Vishrant believes these difficulties shaped his orientation toward higher consciousness. Eventually, he came to understand that true rebellion meant going beyond the mind and finding one’s real nature.

Publishing Magnate

At 19, Vishrant began personal development training and encounter groups, which transformed his angry outlook. He diligently removed destructive thought patterns like worry and procrastination.

This consciousness shift led him to a career in business, where he built a multi-million-dollar international publishing empire. Vishrant had retired by age 28, acquiring luxury cars, boats and properties.

Vishrant later realised his material success failed to bring any lasting happiness. He had climbed that mountain but found nothing there, so began seeking a new quest.

Osho Sannyasin

Vishrant came across Osho Rajneesh by accident in 1983. After attending an Osho group, he felt a calling and his search for higher consciousness and enlightenment began.

Vishrant became an Osho sannyasin and spent time with Osho in both Pune and Oregon. He even had the opportunity to interview Osho.

Vishrant also travelled the world to attend different mystery schools and actively sought out teachers to help him remove the obstacles in the way of enlightenment.

Heart Awakening

After a near-death experience being lost at sea for 18 hours in 1987, Vishrant experienced a heart awakening. He realised that love is the only thing of value in this life, and that all his wealth was not worth anything.

Vishrant gave away his companies to his staff and walked around Australia barefoot for 4 years in search of his heart.

He dedicated his life to service and trained as a naturopath, masseur and later a psychotherapist in search of better ways to serve people.

From Satori to


Following Osho’s death in 1990, Vishrant studied the teachings of all the old masters, investigating many teachings & philosophies including Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta and others.

In the late 1990s, in the presence of various travelling Satsang teachers (Isaac Shapiro, Gangaji and Vartman) Vishrant started to experience multiple awakenings, or satoris.

In May 1999, after a retreat with one of his teachers, his awakening stabilised and he has since been living as beingness, our true nature.

Serving Truth

Vishrant dedicates his life to helping other seekers find the indescribable beauty of beingness.

Motivated by his love for people, he holds Satsang to support seekers on their path to higher consciousness just as his teachers supported him.

Vishrant points seekers back to themselves, to the awareness that is reading these words. His function is to shine the light so we may see who we already are beyond any false identities.

Osho’s New Man

Zorba the Buddha

Vishrant became what Osho Rajneesh wanted his sannyasins to become: Zorba the Buddha. A new man, an awakened man, who celebrates life; someone who is in the world, but not of the world.

Vishrant continually demonstrates how it is possible to live from the highest truth of our being and be active in the world through his many adventures, some of which you can find on his Facebook page.

Vishrant offers a pragmatic path to higher consciousness. He teaches from his own direct experience as a seeker and draws inspiration from masters such as Osho and Ramana Maharshi.

Vishrant is living proof that anyone can wake up without needing to retreat to a monastery or ashram. The only requirement is a willingness to do the work.

Connect with Vishrant

Attend Satsang with a self-realised Master.

The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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