Path to Enlightenment

The highest teaching is always silence
because that is our true nature.


Vishrant offers a pragmatic path to higher consciousness and enlightenment. His approach deals with the mind and the heart at the same time.

Below is a brief outline of Vishrant’s core teachings. You can learn more about his teachings on the Library page.

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Maturity is the foundation for higher consciousness.

Maturity means taking full responsibility for how you feel. It involves dropping all victim orientated thinking. A mature person is a giver, someone who takes care of the people and environment around them.

With maturity, one can then learn to diminish the ego and become more conscious.

Ultimately only a mature mind can support awakening to heart and truth.


Meditation is simply being aware of what is real.

Nothing we think is real, everything else is.

In addition to formal meditation, Vishrant teaches that meditation should be every moment. For example when walking, just noticing our footfalls, breath, sounds, the sun, and wind on the skin. This kind of present moment awareness helps us stay mindful and not get lost in thoughts.

Meditation allows seekers to develop a silent mind, which facilitates witnessing of the mind and higher consciousness.

Witnessing the Mind

Like Osho, Vishrant teaches witnessing the mind as a core methodology towards enlightenment.

It involves developing a silent witness that just watches the mind without judgement.

From this detached space, negative thinking like worry and victim mentality become visible. Subconscious beliefs and fears become conscious. Once seen clearly, these habits can be consciously reverse engineered and surrendered, leaving us free from suffering.

Witnessing eventually leaves an equanimous mind which doesn’t resist life and supports higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Acceptance & Surrender

Acceptance means being okay with life as it is, both the good and bad parts.

It brings peace of mind because we are no longer fighting an internal war with reality.

In acceptance, we are no longer trying to control everything.

The practice of acceptance leads to peace and surrender. With a surrendered mind, we can find our true nature and live as that.


Openness is having no internal resistance or closure.

When we feel ourselves closing down or tightening up, we can practise openness by letting go and accepting what has disturbed us.

Vishrant teaches that openness allows life to flow freely through us. It opens us up to perceive love.

In openness, we can be peaceful and happy.

Only an open mind can support higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Service and the

Way of the Heart

Vishrant teaches that serving heart is the “beauty way”, which he calls The Way of the Heart.

It requires that we be open enough to perceive love, which motivates us to serve and care for others – humans, animals, and the planet.

This selfless service is a result of heart affecting the mind.

It brings a level of happiness and diminishes the ego, leading one to be ready to wake up to true self.

Dark Night of the Soul

Healing Wounding

The healing process is an emptying out process.

Sometimes called the “dark night of the soul”, it is to heal the emotional wounding that has been stored in repressed pain bodies inside of us.

Vishrant teaches that healing happens by allowing any repressed pain to be felt with a warm welcoming. It also requires us to reverse-engineer the beliefs and thought structures that create wounding.

Once you’ve felt everything that’s there, it is gone. There is freedom in healing the wounds of the heart.

Self Inquiry

Self-inquiry is to ask the question “Who am I?” or “What am I?”.

It is an effective methodology that can cause awareness to turn back onto itself, which is a satori or glimpse of true nature. If the satori stays, it is enlightenment.

For most people, the satori doesn’t stay because the mind resists life and contracts.

Like Ramana Maharshi, Vishrant teaches that self-inquiry is only for people who are at the end of the path. Those who have done the work on themselves to develop a mind that is equanimous and surrendered, meaning it does not go into resistance for any reason.

With a surrendered mind, self-inquiry becomes a powerful tool towards enlightenment.

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The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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