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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Satsang in person with a self realised Master.

What is Satsang?

Satsang offers seekers a precious chance to be in the presence of an enlightened Master.

In this presence, the chatter of the mind can drop away, allowing seekers to experience pure consciousness – their true nature.

Vishrant’s online Satsang meetings allow seekers worldwide to directly ask him questions and receive guidance in their spiritual quest.

Who is Vishrant?

Vishrant is a reality teacher based in Perth, Australia.

After achieving worldly success early in life, Vishrant became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh and began seeking truth and heart. After multiple satoris, awakening finally stabilised in 1999.

He now holds Satsang and retreats online from Perth for seekers worldwide who wish to discover their true nature.

Vishrant’s approach deals with both the mind and the heart. He teaches the way of the heart, to serve others, which diminishes the ego and helps you experience love.

He also teaches meditation and witnessing the mind so you can remove the obstacles that cause suffering and become more conscious.

Vishrant’s presence and pragmatic guidance creates a direct path towards higher consciousness and enlightenment for those seeking truth.

Satsang with Vishrant has changed my life immensely. During my time with Vishrant I have become more mature, more open and more self-accepting than I have ever been in my life. My reality has a very different feel to it now than it did before I met Vishrant; it feels alive, vibrant and open to possibility. I am extremely grateful for having met Vishrant and to have the privilege of calling him my teacher.


I discovered Vishrant on YouTube about two years ago and both saw and felt immediately that this was something different. I could feel his strong presence and moreover he delivered truth upon truth with an accuracy not common in the spiritual world. Vishrant puts into words what I know deep in my core to be true, but have no words to express. The fact that he also has a sense of humour and does not put himself above any other person, but is loving and humble, makes him a true Master. To sit in the presence of Vishrant is a blessing, a true gift.


Online Satsang with Vishrant has changed my life. Vishrant has taught me acceptance and how to flow with whatever life brings. His teachings are simple and pragmatic and can be easily put to practice. I truly feel blessed to be able to directly make contact with an awakened Master in online Satsang, from the comfort of my home, which is a rarity. The Buddha-field or presence provided by him melts me, and helps me find clarity and silence in this constantly moving world. I am deeply touched by Vishrant’s love and his teaching to find the Way of the Heart. Satsang with Vishrant is an oasis a seeker of truth will find.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in an online Satsang meeting?

Vishrant will open the online Satsang meeting with a discourse or some questions from one of his students. He will then invite questions from anyone in the audience who wishes to speak to him.

The protocol for indicating that you would like to speak is to “raise your hand” in Zoom, found under the “reactions” button.

You are asked to have your camera on making sure that your face is clearly visible during the meeting.

Please be still and have your microphone muted unless you are speaking with Vishrant so as not to distract others. If you act rudely or disrespectfully, you will be removed from the meeting.

Please be online and ready for the Zoom meeting 5 minutes before the start time. You may join the meeting earlier if you wish, but if you are late you may not be allowed into the meeting.

Is there a difference between attending Satsang in person vs. online?

Those who are sensitive to the energy can feel the transmission of Vishrant’s presence in online Satsangs, but most people report that the Buddha-field is easier to feel and stronger in person.

If you have the opportunity, it is recommended that you come to Satsang physically.

Are there more Satsangs with Vishrant that I can attend?

Vishrant runs a Mystery School in which he holds 4 private Satsang meetings weekly. Attendance to these meetings is by invitation from Vishrant only after one has attended a few public online Satsang meetings.

If you are interested, you can speak to Vishrant about attending his Mystery School during a public online or Perth based Satsang meeting.

What is sannyas? How can I take sannyas?

Asking for sannyas is to request to become one of Vishrant’s disciples. It is a chance to start a new spiritual life under the guidance of a self-realised Master.

Vishrant says that the deal when someone becomes one of his sannyasins, is that he will do everything he can to help them raise their consciousness levels and wake up to their true nature.

Vishrant accepts sannyas requests in online Satsang.

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The one who wants enlightenment can never wake up. Enlightenment does not happen to the ego. It is not real. What we really are is pure awareness. When that awareness becomes aware of itself and stays aware of itself, that is enlightenment.

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