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Satsang ExcerptsReality Teacher

What is a Reality Teacher?

Vishrant talks about being a teacher of reality rather than spirituality in this Satsang from The True Rebellion Series.

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Satsang Excerpts TeachingsAdvaita Vedanta

Why Advaita Vedanta Failed

Vishrant explains how the Advaita Vedanta path to awakening is unsuitable for most people and that the people teaching these methods might not be what they seem.

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Full SatsangsFree Will

Do We Really Have Free Will?

Vishrant talks about how everybody is a product of their upbringing and how we run true to the patterns we have developed in life.

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Satsang ExcerptsOsho Sannyasin Shiva Energy

How Osho Changed My Life

Vishrant talks to an Osho Sannyasin about the methods Osho used to help set Vishrant free.

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InterviewsOsho Swaha

Osho Never Died – Vishrant and Swaha

Vishrant talks with enlightened Osho disciple Vasant Swaha about their shared love for their master and their mission to share his teachings.

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TeachingsEnlightenment Love Osho

How Can I Repay My Master Osho?

Vishrant talks about how Osho changed his life and showed him true freedom.

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Full SatsangsMaturity Victimness

How To Stop Being A Victim

Full Satsang with Vishrant about how to stop victim mentality so you can find higher consciousness, love and wake up to your true nature.

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Satsang ExcerptsOsho Sannyasin

Osho Sannyasin Challenges Vishrant on Enlightenment in Live Satsang

A lively exchange between Vishrant and an Osho sannyasin who challenges him on enlightenment in a live Satsang. This is a riveting conversation between a spiritual master and a courageous…

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InterviewsDr Kevin Reese

Spiritual Mechanics – Vishrant on Inner Peace with Dr. Kevin Reese Interview #3

Vishrant sits down with Dr Kevin Reese (Inner Peace with Dr Reese) for another riveting interview on becoming a Jedi, deprogramming the mind, learning acceptance and surrender, going through the…

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InterviewsDr Kevin Reese

Living as Awareness – Vishrant on Inner Peace with Dr. Kevin Reese Interview #2

What does it mean to live in the world and be awakened to truth or beingness? What are the consequences of living amongst ego-based beings, without an ego? In this…

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Osho’s Exclusive Interview with Vishrant in 1985

A pivotal point in Vishrant’s search for enlightenment occurred when he sat down with Osho in this interview on the 5th October 1985 in Sanai Grove, Rajneeshpuram. Watch how Vishrant…

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InterviewsDr Kevin Reese

Enlightenment with Prem Vishrant – Inner Peace with Dr. Kevin Reese Interview #1

From almost being eaten by sharks, giving up his very successful business, to wandering around Australia as a homeless mystic looking for his heart, Vishrant’s path to enlightenment was far…

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