How to find peace in chaos? How to be free from suffering? What is true freedom?

Join ‘Satsang with Vishrant’ and enjoy an opportunity to deeply recognise this for yourself!

With the sense of uncertainty and anxiety rising globally as a result of COVID-19, the deeper questions about life, death, freedom and truth are becoming more prominent for people.

Satsang is an invitation for you to discover your True Nature.

Online & Interactive

Give yourself the space to deepen self-inquiry and enhance awareness and clarity in Satsang with Vishrant. 1hr DAILY ONLINE at 8.30am AWST, Australia.

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During Satsang Live you will have a chance to ask questions and have audio or typed Q&A interaction with Vishrant, an awakened spiritual teacher who has been guiding seekers from all over the world towards finding higher consciousness and discovering their true nature since 1999.

About Vishrant

Vishrant points people towards a direct path to truth with a crystal clear, no-nonsense approach. His keen sense of humour relaxes the mind, his pragmatic teaching style cuts through the ego, helping people reveal and remove the obstacles to experiencing freedom. A sense of calm and clarity can arise from within, a feeling of spaciousness and present moment awareness can be experienced.

The presence of an awakened person provides opportunities for a direct transmission of Truth, enabling one to drop into beingness, the pure awareness that is untouched and unchanged.

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The Finding Freedom series, Satsang with Vishrant is by donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek truth and enlightenment.

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Openness counts for everything.

~ Prem Vishrant

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