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How to find peace in chaos? How to be free from suffering? What is true freedom?

Join ‘Satsang with Vishrant’ and enjoy an opportunity to deeply recognise this for yourself!

A sense of calm and clarity can arise from within, a feeling of spaciousness and present moment awareness can be experienced.

The presence of an awakened person provides opportunities for a direct transmission of Truth, enabling one to drop into beingness, the pure awareness that is untouched and unchanged.

Satsang is an invitation for you to discover your True Nature.

Online & Interactive

Give yourself the space to deepen self-enquiry and enhance awareness and clarity in Satsang with Vishrant. 1hr LIVE ONLINE [Mon-Fri] at 8.30am AWST, Australia.

With the sense of uncertainty and anxiety rising globally as a result of COVID-19, the deeper questions about life, death, freedom and truth are becoming more and more prominent.

During Satsang Live you will have a chance to ask questions and have interactions with Vishrant, an awakened spiritual teacher who has been guiding seekers from all over the world towards finding higher consciousness and discovering their true nature since 1999.

About Vishrant

Vishrant is a unique and contemporary Buddhist teacher who paves a direct path to Truth with a crystal clear, no-nonsense approach. His keen sense of humour relaxes the mind, his pragmatic teaching style cuts through the ego, helping people reveal and remove the obstacles to experiencing freedom.

Having guided spiritual seekers for more than 21 years, Vishrant teaches Meditation, Self-Enquiry and the Way of the Heart as a way towards Enlightenment.

Vishrant’s methodologies are designed for awakening in the marketplace, inviting people to become what his Master, Osho Rajneesh, described as the “New Man” or Zorba the Buddha.

The Teachings

Vishrant teaches from what he has found to be true through his own experience and from a deep understanding of Buddhism as a vehicle towards higher consciousness and enlightenment.

For many years before his final awakening, Vishrant studied Buddhism extensively and diligently practiced the meditative techniques of Zen Buddhism combined with the deep self-enquiry methods of both Zen and Advaita Vedanta.

With a modern spin on traditional Buddhist subjects such as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, Vishrant’s teachings combine Meditation, Self-Enquiry and an alive and embodied way of life that supports the discovery of Heart and Truth.

Online Satsang Topics

Vishrant covers a wide range of topics that are essential to the seeker looking for higher consciousness and enlightenment such as Healing Wounding, Meditation & Mindfulness, Self-Enquiry, Surrender, Heart & Beingness.

Vishrant gives a fresh perspective on common spiritual topics such as Suffering, Oneness, Compassion, Nirvana, the Dark Night of the Soul, Freedom and Free Will.

He also addresses topics of our daily lives in the marketplace such as Love, Acceptance, Totality, Maturity, Communication, Family and Relationship.

The Finding Freedom series, Satsang with Vishrant is by donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek truth and enlightenment.

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Openness counts for everything.

~ Prem Vishrant

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