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Connect and speak with an enlightened master online via Zoom

Sadguru Prem Vishrant’s teachings on higher consciousness and enlightenment serve as a guide for seekers of Truth and spiritual awakening.

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Upcoming Online Satsangs Meetings

Live via Zoom and on YouTube

If you are in Perth, we welcome you to attend in person.


7:20pm – 8:30pm

Australian Western Standard Time


7:20pm – 8:30pm

Australian Western Standard Time


7:20pm – 8:30pm

Australian Western Standard Time

If you would like to attend more Satsangs, get in touch with us to join Vishrant’s Mystery School.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQs or contact us.

What is Satsang?

Satsang is a precious opportunity for those on the spiritual path to greatly advance their development through interaction with Sadguru Prem Vishrant, who attained Enlightenment in 1999 and has known himself as Truth ever since.

Vishrant offers public online Satsang as a way to reach more students who are yearning to discover their own true natures.

Satsang is held with a short discourse from the master and then a question-and-answer format where seekers can ask for guidance or discuss matters pertinent to their lives and the challenges they face while seeking higher consciousness.

The Sanskrit term “Satsang” means “association with Truth”. Through Satsang with Vishrant, students are challenged and taught to look beyond the mind, and to develop ongoing practices of meditation, witnessing the mind, openness and self-inquiry with the intention of living the Way of the Heart as the most beautiful and peaceful way to be on this plane, while fostering the possibility of Enlightenment once the inner hurdles all seekers face are overcome.

About Satsang with Vishrant

In service to humanity, Vishrant sees that today’s seekers need practical, direct guidance on how to foster higher consciousness and develop practices that can lead to full awakening.

As a student of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and a Satsang teacher for more than two decades, Vishrant also sees many other approaches to spiritual growth and personal development do not directly help those on the path.

While practices like self-inquiry and witnessing the mind are crucial to the pursuit of Enlightenment, first the mind must be prepared for what it can find when awareness becomes aware of itself. Without maturity and a mind that does not contract in the face of hardship and suffering, the seeker will not be able to hold onto whatever can be found through spiritual practices. Thus Vishrant brings a unique, direct approach to guiding others towards that goal.

His focus is on helping seekers “do the work” needed to prepare the mind, which often involves looking deeply within, and also at everyday experiences in the marketplace where the seeker finds themselves challenged. 

Benefits of Online Satsang

Whether in person or online, Vishrant’s Satsangs give seekers the chance to immerse themselves in the Buddha field of an enlightened teacher.

Second to this is the benefit of directly interacting one on one with a teacher who acts as a guide. Vishrant’s deep insight can show the seeker Truth from a new perspective, where they are stuck, and how to change their experience of life to reduce suffering.

Satsang is the single-most effective method for a seeker to raise their consciousness levels.

Vishrant compares Satsang, which is a form of intervention, to being lost in the jungle of everyday life. Vishrant is the guide who knows the way out.

Vishrant will never claim the path to higher consciousness is easy. Likewise, he is in service to humanity and aims to help seekers overcome their obstacles, rather than tell them there is nothing to be done, even though we are all already Truth. Dedication and discipline are required to overcome a lifetime’s patterns and programming to foster higher consciousness and the possibility of awakening. 

What is Online Satsang like?

Attending Satsang online via Zoom provides seekers anywhere on the planet a rare opportunity to interact with an enlightened master, asking questions and receiving Vishrant’s unique brand of clear, direct teaching.

Vishrant is available to a select few attendees during his public online meetings. Attendees benefit from the energetic connection with a living teacher who speaks from a long history of holding Satsang to make ancient wisdom clear and comprehensible to today’s seekers. 

What Seekers Say About Vishrant’s Satsangs

Satsang with Vishrant has changed my life. Bhagwan has taught me acceptance and how to flow with whatever life brings. His teachings are simple and pragmatic and can be easily put to practice. I truly feel blessed to be able to directly make contact with an awakened master online, from the comfort of my home, which is a rarity. His work is to help create a mind that can support higher consciousness and Enlightenment. The Buddha field or presence provided by him melts me, and helps me find clarity and silence in this constantly moving world. I am deeply touched by Bhagwan’s love and his teaching to find the Way of the Heart. Satsang with Bhagwan is an oasis a seeker of truth will find.


I like that Vishrant’s teachings are all based on his own experience, be it with business, relationships, or how to raise one’s consciousness levels, or finding heart and waking up. I love that he walks his talk, and have yet to find an inconsistency between what he teaches and how he lives his life. Since I started attending his Satsangs online I have become more relaxed, have an ever-clearer direction in life, and am successfully moving from just collecting knowledge to actually practising the teachings and incorporating them into my everyday life. Asking Vishrant if he would accept me as his disciple was the best decision I made to date.


Vishrant has profoundly transformed my life. He has illuminated many unconscious beliefs I held and liberated me from numerous traps on the path to undoing the mind. He has taught me how to roar from a loving place, which means setting boundaries without any contractions within myself. Being in his presence is the greatest grace of my life, finding myself learning from a self-realized sage. He has shown me how to find the depths of my heart. He embodies efficiency in the world as well as profound love and compassion. It is almost impossible to put into words unless you live “the Vishrant experience”. I am beyond grateful for his guidance on my journey to higher consciousness.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for attending Satsang online?

Youtube and Facebook Live allow seekers to watch Satsang and ask questions through the chat function. For Zoom attendees, it is a chance to directly interact with Vishrant.

Seekers are asked to have a good quality camera and microphone. Good lighting is required so you can be seen by Vishrant.

Attendees should mute their microphone and use the “raise a hand” function to indicate if they have a question.

Vishrant will ask people to speak one at a time, at which point the seeker should unmute themselves. Attendees are asked to remain muted at all other times unless direct by Vishrant to speak.

Is it worth attending satsang online if I can’t attend in person?

Seekers report great benefits from online satsang. Depending on the seeker’s level of openness to Vishrant, the transmission of the energy field from the master’s presence is always available.

Online Satsang remains a rare opportunity to engage with a living enlightened master. Seekers with questions and those seeking guidance are able to interact one on one with Vishrant through online Satsang which is not always possible for other teachers who only interact with students in their direct presence.

What is the cost for online satsang?

Public online Satsang is by donation. Seekers are encouraged to make a contribution when booking their attendance, but donations are not mandatory.

Many feel the wish to contribute to the Vishrant Buddhist Society and spreading Vishrant’s teachings. Vishrant’s public Satsang is in service to humanity and seekers everywhere.

How do I attend more of Vishrant’s satsangs?

Dedicated seekers and Vishrant’s sannyasins (disciples) also benefit from multiple private Satsang meetings during the week through Vishrant’s Mystic Heart Mystery School. To find out more, contact society manager Tosh by email or phone listed in the footer of this page.

I have been watching Vishrant’s Satsang online for some time. What if I want to take sannyas with Vishrant as my teacher?

Sannyas with Vishrant is a rare privilege and only for the most determined and committed seekers.

Interested students are encouraged to spend more time in Satsang (online or in person) before requesting sannyas from Vishrant. The master will advise at that time whether he considers the student ready or what else is still required.

Sannyas is not automatically granted.