Satsang Meetings in Perth

A rare opportunity to speak to a living enlightened master.

Dive into the transformative experience of Satsang with Vishrant. This profound encounter could be your next step towards inner peace and spiritual awakening.

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Upcoming Satsangs in Perth

South Fremantle and Bedfordale

If you are unable to attend in person, you can join online via Zoom or watch live on YouTube.


7:20pm – 8:30pm


at The Meeting Place
245 South Tce,
South Fremantle


7:20pm – 8:30pm


at The Meeting Place
245 South Tce,
South Fremantle


7:20pm – 8:30pm


at Restful Waters
64 Canns Rd,

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If you have any other questions, check out our FAQs or contact us.

What is Satsang?

Satsang is a form of intervention. It is an opportunity for the seeker to interact directly with a living enlightened master.

The term derives from the Sanskrit, and means “association with Truth”. It gives the seeker the chance to encounter the “truth” of their real nature beyond the mind and the ego.

In Satsang, Vishrant provides guidance to those seeking Truth, as well as offering a tangible chance to “do the work” needed to prepare the mind for higher consciousness and awakening.

About Satsang with Vishrant

Satsang with Vishrant is a distinct and unique experience for seekers.

Unlike many other awakened teachers, Vishrant has stripped “spirituality” of the baggage of the past to make it clear and pertinent to today’s seekers living in the marketplace with commitments to careers, family and everyday life.

Vishrant says in fact the word “spirituality” has become unhelpful. He describes himself as a “reality teacher” helping his students get in touch with their true nature as embodied awareness.

Vishrant’s guidance is ever practical, concise and geared towards concrete practices seekers can put into effect to improve their quality of life and get free from suffering.

Benefits of In-Person Satsang

Satsang provides the seeker an opportunity to encounter the master’s Buddha field and makes for what Vishrant calls “a destructive process”.

As he describes it, nothing that is real can be touched in Satsang. However, all that is false can be dissolved in the work with Vishrant.

Ultimately, on the path to Enlightenment, all that is false about the mind and ego, including belief systems, expectations, and hopes and fears about the past and future, must be surrendered.

While seekers benefit from the open question-and-answer format, it is the energetic and karmic experience of being with an enlightened master which is most advantageous to those aiming to aid their progress on the spiritual path.

Satsang in Fremantle

Satsang is held at The Meeting Place at 245 South Terrace in South Fremantle on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Attendees are asked to be ready for a 7.20pm start.

Fremantle Satsang is also live-streamed to a global audience via Youtube and Facebook Live. Those wishing to ask Vishrant questions are encouraged to namaste (in person) or submit questions through the online chat.

Attendance is open to the general public, with payment by donation.

Satsang in Bedfordale

Satsang is held on Friday nights for the general public at the Vishrant Buddhist Society venue Restful Waters at 64 Canns Road in Bedfordale. Attendees are asked to be ready for a 7.20pm start.

Friday night Satsang is also live-streamed to a global audience via Youtube and Facebook Live. Those wishing to ask Vishrant questions are encouraged to namaste (in person) or submit questions through the online chat.

Attendance is by donation.

What Seekers Say About Vishrant’s Satsangs

I have been fortunate to be a student of Vishrant for the past 10 years, and it has truly affected my life in remarkable ways. Satsang, in my experience, has been a space of growth and self-discovery. Through Vishrant’s guidance, I have learned to confront and overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that have held me back from living a happy and more successful life. Vishrant’s teachings have supported me in various aspects of my life. His wisdom has helped me navigate the transition into adulthood, overcome the challenges stemming from a difficult childhood, and find strength and balance in marriage and parenthood. With his support, I have also grown as a business owner, overcoming failure, and embracing success. I am grateful for having Vishrant as my teacher, and the impact he has had on my life is immeasurable.


My experience along a five-year spiritual journey so far, and four of those five years as a student and sangha member of Vishrant, have been alive, to say the least. My practice and practical application in life, from the guidance and continual uncovering of who I am, has been without a doubt totally life-altering because of having the opportunity to watch and be with my master Vishrant. I use the word master not only because of the change in my own consciousness towards accepting myself and loving humanity, but because of the undeniable silence and energy that I feel in the presence of Vishrant. The depth of gratitude is something that only I will know. To explain the gratitude that I feel would be a false understatement because words cannot come close to being immersed in love.


Vishrant’s teachings are practical and insightful. I appreciate his pragmatic wisdom on being in the world, raising our consciousness levels, and living a meaningful life. Vishrant offers guidance on succeeding in the world while pursuing higher consciousness, living the Way of the Heart and helping others. In particular, his satsang teaches that we can change our experience of life by changing the way we think, and being in service to others, which he models continuously for his students. Being a student and attending Vishrant’s Satsangs have opened my mind to living a better way of life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before attending Satsang in person for the first time?

Seekers are asked to arrive prior to 7.20pm to prepare for Vishrant’s arrival. Seating and cushions are provided. At Restful Waters, blankets are also available for attendees feeling the cold.

When Vishrant arrives for Satsang, those present greet him with a namaste, but otherwise remain in silence unless asked to speak or when asking questions. Fidgeting and moving around the room are not permitted during Satsang out of respect for the teacher as well as other attendees.

Seekers are asked to wear light-coloured clothing. White or beige clothing are considered sattvic colours conducive to lighter, clearer energy.

Satsang is an opportunity to practise openness to maximise the benefit of Vishrant’s presence, as well as good practice for quietening the mind and finding the silence Vishrant embodies.

How do I ask Vishrant a question?

In public Satsang, Vishrant will call for questions either at the start of the meeting or once he has finished a short discourse.

Seekers wishing to interact with Vishrant are asked to namaste and wait until Vishrant asks them to speak. Please speak clearly and loudly for the benefit of all attendees as well as those tuning in online.

Vishrant also asks for seekers to consider their questions before asking, and to refrain from long-winded explanations. It might be helpful to write down any questions beforehand for the sake of clarity and easy recall during Satsang.

I feel strange and light-headed or my vision feels affected when I am in Satsang. Why is that?

When awareness becomes aware of itself and stays that way within an enlightened person, a beautiful clear sattvic energy field is produced, also called a Buddha field. It is this energy which calms the mind, and is the greatest benefit of sitting with an enlightened master.

Seekers affected by the energy field report greater mental clarity and a reduction in anxiety and depressive tendencies. Sometimes this includes clouded vision or light-headedness or other phenomena.

Seekers are encouraged to relax and be open to the experience, which Vishrant describes as a “dissolving” process that can help to remove blocks, trapped energy, and foster awakening.

Other people report energetic experiences in Vishrant’s presence, but I am not feeling it. Can you tell me why?

Vishrant related a similar experience during his early days with Osho. Other sannyasins spoke of the Bhagwan’s beautiful energy field and feeling brighter and clearer in his presence, but Vishrant himself did not. It was only during subsequent periods with his spiritual master that Vishrant noticed the Buddha field more powerfully. The more he “did the work”, the more strongly he became affected by the energy field.

Vishrant posits that the seeker’s sensitivity to the energetic experience comes as a result of the development of openness, which is a core teaching and missing from much accepted spiritual practice. It is also for these reasons seekers are encouraged to ask questions and overcome any reluctance to interacting with Vishrant. The “transmission of the lamp” is even stronger when interacting with the teacher directly.

We are asked to wear white or beige, but Vishrant is wearing black. Why is that?

Vishrant often rides to Satsang on his motorcycle and enjoys dressing the part.

He is beyond needing to dress in sattvic colours at all times.