In this Satsang excerpt,

Vishrant talks about what happened during his life that shaped his view of living life to the max. Tune in and find out: what does living in the now mean?

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Video transcript –


Is it helpful to recall the idea of death to live more in the present moment, to call it from time to time?


Okay, so I am one of these guys who reckons anything that works, is worthy. If recalling death helps you become more present, and be more with what is, that, if that works for you you use that, whatever works.

If, for me, I actually, I remember when I was 17 or 18 year old holding a baby that had just drowned in a swimming pool and hearing the mother scream because no one could resuscitate the baby. And she was just screaming and screaming and it’s here, this beautiful young child in my arms was it was dead turn blue. And there was nothing I could do.

It was gone and it just showed me how fragile we actually are. Up until that point I kind of thought I was impregnable you know, like Superman. But that, that changed my whole life that experience.

And only a few months after that I came across a car accident, I was first at the scene. A combi van had tipped over. Two people had gone through the windscreen gone back in and come out again. And they’re on the ground and they were dead.

And they were young like myself they were teenagers I think, and I went to pick one’s head up and to see if it was okay and the brains came into my hands.

And I look at this body and I was in shock looking at it. Because it could have been me it was just same age and I realised, this is how easy it is for us to not be here. These people did not know a few minutes ago they were going to be dead.

And so, I was shocked into reality the reality that we die. The reality that there is nothing that we can do that anything can happen at any time to any of us.

These people didn’t expect it.

This baby didn’t expect it.

So, in remembering that, yes, it made me live totally because I didn’t think that I was going to live for another year because I lived very dangerously. I was into extreme sports. And so, I did everything to the max in the moment. I postponed nothing. I made it happen. And I’ve done that ever since I was a teenager.

Because truthfully, there is no later there is only a now. And if we don’t do it now we don’t do it.

So yeah, the memory of of the tragedy of a baby’s death and two young people’s death that happened to me when I was a teenager, that I experienced as a teenager, changed my life. They took me out of Dreamland, out of the Superman feeling into.

We are so impermanent

We are so fragile here.

So, yes.

What does your t-shirt say? Time waits for no one? Your t-shirt. What does it say? Time waits for no one. So true, you’re wearing it. So true, yeah, you’re on subject tonight.