In This Satsang Excerpt,

Vishrant talks about how to create a spiritual life while being in the world. A simple daily practice that can raise your consciousness levels and create a happier life.

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Video transcript –


On your journey as a seeker, you were in the marketplace taking care of your family and working as a naturopath and a psychotherapist. You also went on silent retreats every now and then.

Do we need to find a balance between being in the world and retreating from the world?



Basically, yes. We need to have sanctuary so we can examine that part of us that demands silence and stillness. We need to be out of the thick of it and have sanctuary to have a look. To watch how our minds are working to turn awareness onto itself. My sanctuary tended to be at nighttime because my family were young and they went to bed around 9, 9:30 and then when they went to bed. When they went to sleep, that was my time.

I would sit and I’d meditate I’d watch my mind maybe up to 12 o’clock, one o’clock and that was my sanctuary time because no one was going to ring me, no one was going to come and see me, my family were asleep. There was no one going to bother and so, during that period, I took sanctuary from the world. From being a husband, from being a father and allowed myself to be absolutely nobody, just present.

And so, I do believe it’s necessary. If you want to see through your mind if you want to learn surrender you need sanctuary. Because it’s hard to do just in the marketplace when you’ve got so many things to take care of and so, I advocate meditation, I advocate self-inquiry.

Vishrant continued:

Looking for that silence and stillness within.

The beauty of the heart.

But that’s up to you. Once again, nobody can make you do that, you have to be involved you have to want to.

If people are waiting for it to happen, they will wait.

Nothing will change.

You actually have to make it happen.

It’s like anything else in the world. If you want something to happen you have to make it happen. And so, if you want to discover your heart you have to learn to get out of the way enough for heart to appear for love to appear. If you want to see through the mind you’ve got to have the discipline of watching the mind. If you want to discover yourself as truth self-inquiry is probably one of the best ways but you have to self inquire.

It doesn’t happen just spontaneously. What happens spontaneously is the nature of human beings which is animal, survival, that’s what naturally happens. But because we’re intelligent we can go beyond that. We can raise our consciousness levels above survival, above the animal and we can go to superconsciousness/enlightenment.

But it’s up to you.