The world has become hypersexualised, yet people are finding it increasingly difficult to have true intimacy and connection.

In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about “What Is Spiritual Sexuality?” and how a spiritual aspirant can best navigate relationship.

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Video transcript –

Q: For a seeker what do you think is the best attitude to have towards the body? Do you think that bodily pleasures in sexuality can be a distraction or an obstacle for someone who wishes to pursue a spiritual life?


Not at all, I believe that we should be present to whatever we’re doing whether it’s eating or sitting or sleeping or having sex or talking to another human being.

If we bring our awareness to what we’re doing if we’re mindful of what we’re doing instead of projecting dream, or remembering something or analysing something if we’re really present, everything is awesome.

Everything that’s appearing in the moment is awesome. Because we’re not living in our heads. We don’t get bored, Because we’re present.

The moment we start comparing we’ve lost in dream again, just be here.

So if you’re into say you’re eating an apple be with the apple, enjoy that apple. Be total with the apple and if you’re with sex, the same. Be totally with the woman or the man you’re with don’t go into dream, stay present.

So everything can be used to regain the present moment from the dream that most adults are lost in. The dream of projection the dream of remembering the dream of analysing, problem solving, worrying.

Come back to now come back to here in whatever you’re doing.