In This Satsang Excerpt,

Vishrant speaks to a seeker who asks whether there is any purpose to life.

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Video transcript –


Is there any purpose to life? None that I’ve found in the 45 years I’ve been looking, not yet. Actually, even longer than that.

I started looking for purpose in life when I was a teenager, couldn’t find any. Looked for meaning in life, couldn’t find any. I had a whole pile of beliefs that told me that I had purpose, told me that I had meaning but those beliefs when examined, couldn’t hold water, so I dropped them.

There’s life. That’s it, that’s maybe a purpose, maybe a meaning. I can’t find purpose, I can’t find meaning. The ego wants purpose, it wants meaning, wants to feel important, wants to feel like it’s going somewhere. That it’s got a mission. I just haven’t been able to discover that yet. Take away all your belief systems and see what’s there. Without a belief system, what’s your own direct experience?

At some point, I decided that The Way of the Heart was the only way to live. That everything else was a bit of a sham. You could say that was meaning but that was meaning that I put on to it, not real meaning. The Way of the Heart’s quite beautiful, you just have to get out of the way enough for you to experience love and then you want to take care of everybody you meet. That’s The Way of the Heart. I don’t really see it as purpose or meaning.

Some people might say, well, we’re here to wake up. I don’t even know if that’s true. I know that awakening to our true nature is possible but I don’t know if it’s a purpose. I think it’s the mind that projects purpose onto things and the mind is just a survival mechanism that wants to continue and doesn’t want to die. So, I don’t trust the mind.

This is just what is. And you can sing and dance or you can be miserable. You can be open and clean and undefended and then you flow or you can be stuck. You get to choose. It’s up to you.