Playlist - True Rebellion Series

Satsang with Vishrant: The True Rebellion Series are INTERACTIVE LIVE WEBINARS held on Wednesdays 8.30 – 9.30 am AWST.

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Discover the silence, stillness and beauty of who you truly are in dialogue with Vishrant during these live online Satsangs.

Having guided spiritual seekers for more than 21 years, Vishrant paves a clear path to truth through Meditation, Self Enquiry and living The Way of the Heart.

With a combination of humour and a direct approach, Vishrant shines a light on the obstacles in the way of experiencing true freedom. This gift allows seekers to remove the hindrances of the mind towards higher consciousness, heart and enlightenment.

During Interactive Live Webinars you will have a chance to ask questions and interact directly with Vishrant. You are also welcome to just sit back, relax and tune in to the energy field of Satsang.

The True Rebellion Series is run by donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is put towards making these teachings available for those who seek truth and enlightenment.

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Resting in Stillness

“When awareness is aware of itself, that is silence, that is stillness. Who we truly are is absolutely still and absolutely silent.” Vishrant speaks about...

Going with the Flow

“Life becomes very beautiful when we let go.” Vishrant talks about Going with the Flow in this Satsang from The True Rebellion Series held on Wednesday 21st...

Love & Gratitude

“When the mind is experiencing unconditional love, it just wants to take care of everyone and everything.” Vishrant speaks about Love & Gratitude in this...

From Darkness to Light

“The light is awareness, consciousness, beingness. It is our true nature.” Vishrant speaks about moving From Darkness to Light in this Satsang from The True Rebellion...

The Gift of Satsang

“Tune in to the energy field of Satsang and find yourself as truth.” Vishrant talks about The Gift of Satsang in this Satsang from The True Rebellion Series held on...