It is said that there are none so blind as those who will not see. Vishrant speaks in this Satsang excerpt about why developing honesty and internal integrity is important for seekers of truth.


We have investment in seeing what we want to see, unfortunately. And quite often that investment allows us to blind ourselves to what may be real or what may be true.

So, part of becoming a seeker a part of going for higher consciousness and super consciousness is developing internal integrity where you’re absolutely impeccably honest with yourself.

And so, you take the blindfolds off so you can see, because you want to see.

You want to see what’s going on you want to see what might be in the way.

And that takes a fair bit too, because lying to ourselves or pretending is part of our survival mechanism.

It’s a part of the animal survival mechanism.

And so, to even go against that takes a fair bit of consciousness and a fair bit of practice and willingness.

To be absolutely, ruthlessly honest with yourself to see how you really are operating rather than how you’d like to think you’re operating.

You’ve got to begin at the beginning.

Once again, it comes back to having a look really, doesn’t it?

How does it all work?

How does your mind go?

What’s it up to?

Or is there a shadow area that you haven’t seen yet?

And if you really want to find those shadow areas get into a relationship with someone and they’ll help you find those shadow areas.

Because every disagreement that creates a contraction will take you into an area you can’t see.

Because if you could really see you wouldn’t contract.