In this Satsang excerpt, Vishrant talks about the Initiation into Sannyas and how a new life begins when someone dedicates themselves to the love of truth.

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Video transcript –


Hi Vasha, you asked to take Sanyas which means to be my disciple. And I have taken you as a disciple and I have found a new name for you. And the name is Prem Abayhi. And Prem Abayhi is a beautiful name. Prem meaning love and Abayhi meaning brave.

It is in the love of truth that we become brave enough to give our lives to truth. It is only in this unconditional surrender that enlightenment occurs.

Openness counts for everything.

I don’t know if you can see that. This is a certificate that Tosh.


Yes, Yes I can see that.


Okay, Tosh will send you.


Thank you very much, thank you Vishrant. Thank you, I cannot express happiness, my joy.


From my perspective when someone wants to be a student it is a love affair. It’s a heart affair. And I’ll do my best to help you get free, Abayhi. It also means fearless.


I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best.


So, Osho Rajneesh gave me the name Prem Vishrant 38 years ago and it changed my life immensely. It put me on a totally different trajectory. It destroyed me completely. People go “Oh no, that doesn’t sound like fun.” Oh, yes, it is. It’s a great game.

It only hurts when you hang on. If you’re willing to let go, it’s a breeze. Anything we hang onto can hurt us. If we just keep letting go and letting go and letting go wow! what an amazing adventure this life is. And the reason you’re called Abayhi which is fearless or brave is because it will require your courage. That’s how we defeat fear by being brave. Yeah.


I have started letting go small, small things the baby steps maybe. I can really feel how it is how liberating it is just small things of day to day tasks or small, small arguments or something like that. Just letting go of those small things. Which I can totally see that they are small. I cannot imagine what it is to let go of every fear in this world every emotion, everything the mind creates for us. I cannot.


So, before I was talking about being a hot air balloon and throwing everything out so you can go up high. The last things you throw out are all the ideologies, all your beliefs, all the helper thoughts that have ever helped you. You throw everything out so you can go high.

You let everything go so you can fly.

So welcome.

Thank you for Satsang.